About Us

We learn to love, to feel;
We learn the meaning of family;
We learn what`s to be Portuguese, the flavors and traditions;
to love nature, art;
We learn that we are the size of our dreams.

It´s the Portuguese soul lived CONTIGO

The Awakening of the idea...


Who we are
The awakening of the idea …

Once upon a time, a couple, very happy, very dynamic and enterprising.

Susana Martins, a graduate in Human Resource Management and André de Almeida, a graduate in Advanced Management of the Economy of the Sea. Born in Lisbon and inspired by the sun and the sea, they decided to live in Lagos (Algarve) in January 2005. , where they exercised during these years their professional activities according to their academic formation.

Passionate about life and the family, they decided to create a project that would awaken to the conviviality, the sharing of moments and 100% Portuguese experiences.

Thus was born CONTIGO in May 2015, inspired by cultural and heritage identity!


Products and services…

We bet on the differentiation, both for the originality and for the quality of the products and the service we provide.

We seek to respond to customer requirements, valuing relationships of trust and satisfaction.

We have developed our own line of decorative handicrafts – Contigo, HANDICRAFTS –

We create regional experiences with our gourmet products – Contigo EXPERIENCES –

We offer a personalized service of high quality, refinement, comfort and privacy, in a regime of Luxury Local Accommodation – Contigo, LOCAL ACCOMMODATION –

We wait for you!